Sunday, May 27, 2007

Approaching normal

Well, yesterday we did nothing exciting really. Acer and I hung out and then towards 6, Mum came over and finished feeding him so I could work a little on laundry folding. I'd planned on a little outdoor weeding while he explored the yard but it was cold and rainy, so we stayed inside instead. It all was going so well. Then came evening, he went to bed okay about 10 PM and then woke up about midnight. He stayed awake until 6:30 and then Bill was able to keep him asleep. He (and I) managed to sleep through until 2 this afternoon, so that was very nice.
Bill has been working and then coming home to help with Acer. I wish he were able to get more sleep, right now we each take turns holding Acer through the night until he falls asleep, usually in about 2 hour shifts. This isn't helping either of us catch up on our sleep. Add in bits of bad tummy for both of us and we're exhausted.
Today I hope to add the excitment of a shower to my day, Acer joins me and isn't too happy about it but we both end up clean at the end.
Here's hoping we're able to get life to a new normal before I go back to work next weekend.
Time to go, I left the little man feeding himself dry cereal and it sounds like the dogs just got a big floor cleaning bonus today.

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