Friday, May 25, 2007

The torture of the Dr's office

Today was our first official Dr's visit. I had planned to get him there next week Friday, to give him a chance to settle in. However, we moved up the appointment so that we could deal with the hernia sooner. I'd expected a quick visit today & a longer one next week, but we did everything possible today; Height (35") weight (30#) and then bloodwork and 6 shots.
Poor little guy, just didn't understand why he was so tortured, not able to know that all these pricks and stabs are for his future health. He had one draw, on a very slow vein and 6 shots (plus one shot had 2 times when he pulled it out & even scratched himself) so both his arms had one shot and each leg had 2 shots. He was relatively good, He did fight the needles but we had no way to tell him what was happening. As soon as we stopped, he calmed down relatively quickly. Love my Dr, we have a great relationship and she's so very positive. We worked on our plans of attack on Acer's different problems, hernia and eyes, and also on different child raising issues.
Acer and I got home and Took an whole half hour nap! Yeah us! We are making schedule headway!
Today I tried feeding him at the table, but I let him in charge of the food which he seemed happy with. I know the dogs were happy. This will be our first and last meal with a cloth table cloth and placemat though, I'm not sure what I was thinking but myt happy Lime green pseudo oilcloth $3 target special tablecloth will be making its appearance tomorrow. Who knew that there was fake oilcloth?
I asked my brother James for help again this evening, I knew I really need sleep and that Bill was going to be exhausted too - he went to work today and will work tomorrow too. Just having James watch Acer for a couple hours so we can sleep makes such a huge difference.
Acer actually went to bed at his normally scheduled time - scheduled according to the sheet they gave us that is. He went down to sleep and Bill was even able to leave the bed afterwards! This is a huge step towards normalacy for us, here's hoping another one comes soon.
Well all for now.
Please continue with the prayers as Acer's eye Dr appointment is on June 4th.

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