Sunday, May 20, 2007

Monday, Monday

Well it's only 10:45 and already I've been up for 7 hours.I was hoping to be napping currently but housekeeping is in my room & it's hard to sleep in a bed they are making.

Today was the medical exam day, Acer currently weighs 13.3 kilos and is 89 cm long; that roughly works out to 30 pounds and 36 inches. He has some ear wax in his ears but no infection.

Bill and are are developing our baby hand off skills to be able to let the other one sleep, unfortunately Acer isn't quite so considerate, he doesn't care if anyone but him sleeps. We're going to have to work on that, and some more manners, I've told him that if Helen Keller could do it so can he.

Acer is getting happier by the day, he's singing or reciting something almost all the time. Although we don't know what he's saying most of the time, his recitations are more staccato and punctuated by sudden rising Hah's! He is picking up more words all the time too, Today he mimicked me and said "I know, I know".(I was responding to his repetition of I have to go pee - which he says in chinese of course)

He is potty trained but we are not necessarily picking up on his signals all the time. I usually catch them, and Bill is getting better, but for now he wears pullups for those just in case times. Bill is also getting over not wanting to take Acer to the nearest bush wherever needed, so we're getting fewer parent accidents now. I call them parent accidents because he does tell us what he needs, we just may not get it right away.

Today we'll go shopping for his traditional outfit for tomorrow's pictures and we'll also go to the Jade and pearl market.

Well housekeeping is gone, I'm going to nap while I can.

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