Sunday, May 13, 2007

We've Got Him!

We got Acer!!!!!!! We picked him up this afternoon a little after 3:30, and the first thing that he said in english was "I Love You". Everyone melted at that, as we were the first that got their child. Acer was the only one that was at the building when we got there, and all the other families said "Bring him in!" After he said that, he is able to speak quite a bit of Chinese, more than we expected, so it is hard, because he is telling us what he wants, but we cannot understand him. As I write this, Heather has just gotten him to sleep. I know it's early, but I hope that he will be able to eat dinner, and then we will try some more to bond.
Mom and Acer their first experience!


David Bowman said...

happy Mother's Day, Heather... :-)

--uncle Dave

Tracy said...

Happiest Mother's Day to you!

"I Love You" must be the sweetest words to hear coming from your little one.

Please know that the folks back at Genesis are praying for you and your 'new' family.


Monica said...

Happy Happy Mother's Day, Heather! I am so very happy for you! Love, Monica

Daniel said...


(that's happy mother's day in traditional chinese)....oh yeah, that's according to babelfish. it could say something....completely different.

james n daniel

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous Mother's Day!! I am so happy for you all. You've been in my thoughts and prayers and I just wanted to send some love.

Terra Fuller
(Bill's cousin)

Leda said...

Awww, precious! Congrats Heather, so happy everything went smoothly. Enjoy your are officially a Mommy! :)