Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Heather's view

Howdy all!
Today we are celebrating our first bit of 'good news' this is an euphemism for poo, or number two as it is also known. This is an odd but huge step forward in the bonding process. It means he's getting more comfortable around us. He even took me to the bathroom, walked to the toilet and clinked the seat. Me bring the observant person I am, quickly figured out that this must be the meaning of the phrase he'd been bellowing at the top of his lungs. The problem with what he says is that according to both Mary, our guide, and Mrs Li, the assistant director of the orphanage he is already multi lingual. Mary used the word several and Mrs Li said many. This is great, except that it makes translation by our guides Mary & Dennis that much harder as they have to listen & then attempt to switch him into a language they know. He already knew 'I Love You' and we have taught him the word for Cheerios. (this is important as he wasn't eating until we brought them out)
Gradually we are learning his personality and can't wait for him to really open up into the happy little guy we've seen glimpses of.
The most heart breaking thing for me is the phrase that Dennis translated for us yesterday, "the orphanage didn't want me". Evidently the SWI had taken him back from the family and kept him for some unknown number of days before they brought him to us. He must have thought he was going to stay there forever, this place where he had visited so frequently, then they put him in a car a drove him for hours to meet with us, betrayal!
As I've gone through this past few days I have to say that both Bill and I feel a sense of 'This is right' about it. It makes the bad times; the soundless crying in his sleep, the loud crying and yelling as we don't understand what he needs, the physical ache from holding him standing up or walking (we do use the Ergo for long trips) accidentally getting him so mad he pees on the bath rug; and the good times, seeing him curled up like a little frog with me in the tub, and watching him sleep nekkid, sprawled out on the bed with his head on Bill's shoulder while Bill slept, the first night when he said 'I love you' when he was talking while half asleep,all these things together add up to the 'This is right' feeling. Yes, we'll have days of hell to start (and I'm sure in the teen years too) but we'll get through. There is the phrase 'to whom much is given, much is asked' Bill and I are so blessed, that this doesn't seem like much to ask at all.
We haven't taken many pictures lately, I think we're going to do some sight seeing tomorrow so we'll taken more I'm sure. It's always interesting to travel here, Bill says the driving makes M-59 look safe and boring to drive on.
On the Heather personal front I have been blessed with good health this entire trip, no bad tummy or nausea or travel sickness, please keep those prayers coming our way.

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