Friday, May 25, 2007

We are home!

Well, we made it home yesterday. We got into Detroit Metro at about 1:30PM, and was able to leave the customs at a little after 3:30PM. Yes, it took 2 hours to go through customs. Grrr.

Well, we stopped at the parents' house, and I had such a headache, I had to lay down, and slept till about 6, and then we went home. He didn't really like the carseat much, but he is just going to have to learn. We have an appointment for the doctor today, and his hernia will be looked at.

When we got home, James and Mum were there to help us unload, and to meet Acer. We looked like we were going to pass out, so we asked them to watch him for a couple of hours so we could nap. This was a good plan, we got him back about 9:15, and he was awake until 4am.

I went back to work today, and have many things to do, so I will close for now.

I did want to say thank you for all your comments so far, and we will still be updating, as interesting things happen. Also I wanted to thank everyone for their prayers, and everything that has been done to help bless our trip thus far.

The trip doesn't end, just because we came home.



Anonymous said...

I am so glad you guys are safe at home. Missing ya


Jim said...

Welcome home Heather, Bill, and of course Acer!

We got delayed 3 hours in Washington, in the end we were traveling for about 30 hours straight.

It was really wonderful meeting and traveling with you all, and we happen to think Acer is one lucky, very happening kid.

Like Chan, Odessa and I, I imagine the three of you really just want some constance in your lives after the whirlwind we all just went through. That is our goal for Odessa: calming, quiet, and a schedule.

I want to get photos to everyone. I am thinking I may just push them all to my Google album 'sized right', and any that folks want high rez, I can email or stick out on another server.

I REALLY like this one of you guys:

Take care!

Jim, Chan, and of course, Odessa!

Jim said...

let's try that link again...

The Family!