Wednesday, May 09, 2007

We Made it to Beijing

We left our house @ 11 am eastern(GMT-5), and we ended up in Beijing @ 10:30 PM Beijing Time(GMT+8)

This was with a stopover in Tokoyo, Japan(GMT+9) and I can tell you, I have not seen more sunlight continuously than today. I know that it is 12 hours ahead of home time, so I can tell you it was a long ride.

Did have pics, but weirdness ensued, will have to take new ones tomorrow. We will be going on a trip tomorrow, if we wake up, to the Summer Palace. We shall see. Sleep is calling.


Matt said...

Glad you guys made it safely! You are in my thoughts... good luck!

Leah's Mom said...

So glad you guys are there.. What a RUSH!!! I will be following your trip!!

Jeni said...

Did all your luggage make it?

Hugs, Jen

Bill Bowman said...

Yes, ALL of our luggage made it.