Thursday, May 10, 2007

Beijing - Day 1

Today definately was a long/fun day. It started by getting to eat breakfast @ 8am in the hotel, while getting ready for the day trip to the Summer Palace where we went all around the palace that was created by the last dynasty to rule China. All sorts of interesting things went on at the palace, and the slideshow below will show you some of the sights that we saw.

But as to think that we could not find one: - This sign
This sign was a most welcome sight, so we knew where they were. VERY important

We went to lunch afterward with 2 other couples, both of who are adopting from a different province than we are. We found, right between the KFC and the Pizza Hut this.
We were very impressed with the menus, as they were bound by wood covers, and had 18 pages of teas, yes 18 pages of tea.

There are going to be more posts, but it's now almost midnight again, so I should go to bed, and maybe I will have Heather post more tomorrow.

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Monica said...

Oh My Gosh!! Heather, you are really there!! I can't believe it! I'm thinking of you everyday! Love, Monica