Friday, May 18, 2007

Last Night in Nanchang

Well, it's our final night in Nanchang, and we are going to get out of here at noon tomorrow to go to Guandong, the place where the White Swan Hotel is, and meet up with the other groups from the other provinces that we split from when we came to Jiangxi to get Acer.

Tonight started out with us going on a walking tour of a park. This park was HUGE! It also contained most of a theme park, with rides. Acer got to check out the bridge, and I tried (and failed) to get over my aversion to taking him into the bushes in a major city to pee.

Afterward, we went out for another wonderful dinner to a place that has a GIANT FISHTANK in the foyer. Heather and her stomach didn't get along for a bit, but she ended up ok at the end. We again had the lazy susan of food, and we just kept eating until we were full.

And as I don't want people to think that we don't take any pictures of Acer, we just don't want to post the ones that show him yelling, screaming, or at the hospital... But, there are 2 that we got today that I think you will like:

Both of these pics were taken during dinner, after the park, and before the fountain show.

We then went to a fountain show, where they claim that it is the largest show of it's type in Asia. I mean, what else could it be with
this as their sign. It was too dark really to take good pictures, but it was really cool. Hopefully we have others in the group that took good ones.

Well this is it until at least tomorrow, as we have to pack up early in the morning, and be all ready for leaving by about 11.

With God, and all of our paperwork completed, we will be coming home on the 24th. Hope to see you all soon.


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Anonymous said...

I am so thrilled to hear that things are going fairly good. HUGS to you wall! Let us know when things are calm enough for us to come that would probably be most comfortable for Acer...and if we need to just come me and Ric then let me know too. I cannot wait to meet him and see you guys again!

Love ya, Steph