Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Missing pics

Well, I am sorry that I have been lax at sharing the pictures, but with the little guy lying on me all the time, I haven't had the time...

1st up: The Red Couch Photo.

This is the infamous picture that is taken on "The Red Couch" in the White Swan Hotel. BTW, there are MANY red couches in the hotel.

2nd up: some more "happy Acer pics!". Aparently I haven't posted ANY happy Acer pics. Here are some of them.

Well, we are having good times and not so good times, as his hunger and tired status changes because of his really screwy sleep schedule. His very early wake up times are causing us to have sleep issues, and we leave for home in less than 12 hours. This is going to be an interesting trip.

Well, if I don't go to bed NOW, I will regret it in the morning.
We did go today to get Acers visa, and at the consulate, you are not allowed to take ANY electronics into the building. I had the battery for the camera in my pocket, and they took it, and told me to pick it up on the way back out. It was there, but really, what could I do with a camera battery? I am not MacGuyver.


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Monica said...

OH Heather! He is adorable. Thanks for the pictures!! We will pray for safe and happy travels home! Love, Monica