Monday, May 14, 2007

It's Official!

Acer is now our child legally in China and the United States!

We returned to the adoption center, and this was very traumatic for him. It was a place that was familiar to him, and the deputy director was there and so was the director of child services. Both of whom he knew very well. And they gave him an ice cream bar. This nearly undid all the bonding that I thought we had done, but now I don't know. He has only had 1 bottle of formula today, but he did have nearly a half pound of cheerios. Now we have to see what happens tonight when we go to bed.

We have found that the only guaranteed method of getting him to sleep is to put Heather and him into the tub and they take a bath. He then will fall right to sleep curled up on Heather. I'd post a pic, but it's not appropriate :)

In there he sleeps like a frog. It's very cute.

Day 3 awaits.

PS: We ate breakfast, but that was the only meal so far today...


Kerry said...

Congratulations and welcome to parenthood!!! I've been thinking about you nearly constantly and checking the blog every morning for new posts.

I'm sending all three of you lots of love and hugs. Reading your posts has put me in mind of our first couple of nights at home with Oliver. Baby crying, mama and daddy overwhelmed and feeling helpless, not yet understanding what he's asking for...

Hang in there. His most important need is your love and I know you're doing all you can to give it to him.

Leda said...

Hopefully each day will get a little easier for him...good that he's bonding with Mama though :) I'm really happy for y'all.