Wednesday, May 30, 2007

L says lu

I have a few precious seconds to post as Acer tries out a new leapfrog toy - a bus that does lots of stuff. I know that some parents might get sick of the noise, but he is actually learning with these toys and it's also a sound indicator of where he is. That lets me do stuff like laundry without wondering where he is.
We went back to the Dr's for a TB poke and then to the park where the play structure has lots of poles for him to follow, climb and hang on. We'll go to a park again today, okay we're going to try out the school playground, but I'm trying to find the best play structure for him.
I pulled out his new trike from Bill's Aunt Laura an he was scooting around the backyard portion of the driveway in no time. He was pedalling backwards a little and I think he'll get the forward stuff soon. He stops when he hits the grass, so he's fairly contained.
Well I haven't heard any noise from the bus for a few seconds, time to investigate.

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