Sunday, May 06, 2007

Wonderful day

Yesterday was a perfect day weatherwise, the sky was blue, temperatures were moderate, the Kwanzan cherry outside the shower was in full bloom. We were truly blessed by all the friends and family who came.
Personally I think that having a toddler shower is MUCH more fun than a regular baby shower because the toys are a lot cooler. We had assistance in trying out the toys and gioving their stamp of approval from Kayleigh, Oliver and Lucy. Kayleigh and Oliver were also #1 assistants in bringing the gifts to me to unwrap. Oliver made sure I did everything in the proper order & read the card first! I think that everybody shared little bits of themselves because they brought what was important to them. We had art, safety tips, toys, many books (yeah!) and the carseat that should outlast the house! I think our favorite fun item was that 3 people bought us the Ikea stuffed dragons - lovely! Others might return the 'extra's' but not us because they're so us. We either have one per person or one per floor of our tri-level. It has also been suggested that we take our Christmas pictures in them!
We also received more orphanage donations! More items to be packed and a gift of money to be spent for the orphans while we're over there. I'll be packing and weighing bags tonight to make sure we're set.
The Shower was thrown my life long wonderful friend Vicki at her condo complex clubhouse and we fit everybody perfectly. The three incredible women from Bill's side of the family, Bill's Mom, our sister-in-law Kerry, and youngest brother Joe's girlfriend Tammy did a ton of work. Also a Thank You! to Kerry's Mom, Sandra, who assembled many little takeout containers as she was visiting Kerry this week and Mum who helped with clean up. Between everyone there was an imaginative and tasty menu, good conversation and communication, and a wonderful job done! Yeah Guys!
As we had invited menfolk too, we didn't indulge in standard shower games. Instead we gave everybody a pair of chopsticks (Ikea scores again) and had people pick pepperidge farm goldfish out of a bowl and put them into cupcake papers. Some did better than others and the bonus was that if you didn't win you still got to eat the goldfish!
Bill was working until half an hour before the shower and arrived just in time. By eight o'clock last night he was barely able to keep his eyes open and he was in bed by about nine thirty. He had to get up extremely early today for church set up, but was still so tired that he came back to bed to sleep for an hour. I guess he wasn't trusting himself to drive as tired as he was. We finished the thank you notes last night so they're prepped to go out in Monday's mail. When you only have a few days between shower and take off, you have to get them out right away or they just may never happen.
Well time to get ready for one of my last work days, should be lovely busy as it looks to be as beautiful today as it was yesterday.

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