Sunday, October 07, 2007

Acer enters the Matrix

This evening I was holding Acer, then I set him on the counter, still holding him but much easier on my back. I don't think I've ever done this before on this counter and Acer decided this was a wonderful time to explore everything on the counter. Little man was having a rough, grumpy night, I think he was extra hot and tired today; so, Acer wouldn't stop grabbing at everything and he wasn't listening. I simply took him down from the counter to solve the problem I'd created. Acer was extremely upset at being taken from the new treasures he was discovering and destroying, He held on to my hands and tried to scale the cupboards to get back up. As you can see, Acer did some extremely interesting moves before melting completely down. If his legs were just a few inches longer he would have made it, no problem I'm sure.

Gotta get the little man into gymnastics class I think.

Also on the list of things in the 'who would have thunk it' category this evening. Acer's green Ikea rocking horse made it into the kitchen and next to a different set of cupboards. So he stood on it to check out that counter top. It made sense to him, and he was balanced enough, just made us a little unbalanced to see it.



Sharon Flath said...

He looks like he would be great at tae Kwon Do(sp) too! My son was having trouble in the flexabiltiy area! Acer seems to have that down. I hope I can take melt downs in stride like you do. Send some of that patience my way!

Daniel said...

Wow! The little man is rather flexible. I see what appears to be a chunk of dog in one of the pictures, so perhaps there was a Lobelia-Acer treaty enacted whereby Acer would accidentally shove interesting things off the counter for the furry types to investigate further. With the detention of said exploration I'm sure Lobelia-Acer relations are suffering.

Heather said...

I believe you've hit on it. I think that perhaps he evens consults Lobelia as to what she wants to eat for breakfast before he makes his requests. No wasted food between the two of them