Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Made by Aunt Stephie

This week, I've been feeling pretty happy about Acer's bonding as we have multiple conversations a day following this script
A. "Mama"
H. "Acer"
A. "Acer's Mama"
H. " Yes and that makes me happy"
A. "Mama Happy!"

He also has been far more affectionate than before, looking for physical closeness.
Another quote has been an adaptation of my words " Mama yao ni Forever!" which is a Chinese-English mix of "Mama wants you forever" Acer says "Acer yao ni mama forever"

So I was feeling pretty good until the other day when I'd put him down for his nap, with Aunt Stephie's blanket, and had finished doing his lotion on the belly and lotion on the legs ritual we do (theoretically it calms him for the nap, in reality it is just good for soothing his scratch & surgery scars) Anyway, I'd left him to get to sleep when I hear "Acer Yao Lotion Forever"

hmm, I rate right up there with lotion! Yeah Me!


Leda said...

Kaylee wasn't real affectionate at first either...she was doing great, but that bothered me a bit. But now she likes to be sitting next to me in the room, and freely climbs into my lap, and even says "I love you"

it's amazing. It takes time, but it comes.

Sharon Flath said...

I think thats like loving very much what his mom is doing for him too. I love hearing about the bonding getting better!!