Monday, October 29, 2007

Acer's first Halloween Party!

Acer had a party today at his school, Both he and I dressed up and away we went. Acer as the world's cutest monkey and yours truly as "Bill in the Morning."

I actually got Acer to keep his hood up long enough for me to take this picture and then we were off to the store and then to school. Good thing I had Acer with me as a quiet bit of explanation, there were people who thought I seriously looked like this all the time!

Here we stopped at teacher Miss Diane's table where she had Acer ice a cookie and add sprinkles. He ate the whole thing and then thanked her as prompted, but ad libbed and added "for the cookie" I think he's making strides in sentence construction!

Here I am in all my glory, a passing mom took the photo for us, Acer was in grumpy mode so please ignore his look.

Afterwards we stopped at Vicki's and I had Acer practice "Trick or treat". I think it was successful as she did indeed give him a small package of candy.

Mum came over this afternoon and watched Acer as I worked on my class assignment. She ate dinner with us and then we all headed off to church. Mum and Acer headed off to the nursery, she volunteered to watch him while we were in the service. It was wonderful, for the first time since we came home in May, Bill and I were able to go to church together. Usually one of us stays in and the other takes the disruptive element (Acer) out of the sanctuary.


Sharon Flath said...

I love your costumes!! Brave Mom!! I'm so glad you got to go to church and 'be still'! I remember that was 'free babysitting' and 'couple' time too! The only chance we got.

Heather, what other shots do i need to travel? We got two of the Hep A and B shots. Do we need the third and is there anything else??

Monica said...

Acer! I have never seen a cuter monkey! Your mama is so funny dressed up like daddy!! Happy Halloween!!