Friday, October 12, 2007

FFFF #51 - Sweet Tooth

This week's Friday Family Foto Fun was an easy category for us, although I think it should be sub titled, Messy face sweet tooth because all the pictures we took of him eating sweets were because of the cute mess he was making of it. The first one is of Acer's eating his first chocolate chip cookie, the second is apple leather made by Bill's Mom, the third is frozen custard and the forth is from licking the bowl when we made brownies. I guess I should say that the apple leather one is not a messy face one, but the picture is blurry so that makes up for it.


Monica said...

Oh Acer! I know how you feel about the sweets! We love them around here, too! Our favorite is Princess Snacks!!
Monica and Lily Mei

Sharon Flath said...

I LOVED you last comment on my blog, heather! Thank you! You are as sweet as that ice cream!!