Sunday, October 28, 2007

More pictures today!

I love to take pictures of the ittle man sleeping, I have no idea why I do, but I do. This is another picture of him, really. there's an Acer sized lump under that comforter.

Acer took these two pictures (with only a little help from Mama) He aimed the camera straight out and I only had had help him push the button. Self-focusing cameras to the rescue. Now we know how Acer would see Rugby - stright on looking him directly in the face!

This is the ever so Fashionable little man in his woodsman look. Who knew they made chamois shirts so tiny!


Leah's Mom said...

He looks like such a big boy in that shirt... TOO TOO CUTE!!! We are not so patiently waiting our turn... I do realize each day brings us closer to our little girl.... Heather please give your little man a huge for me...
Selina in Buckeye, AZ
LID for Leah..12/19/05

Sharon Flath said...

I really had no idea he was in that bed until you said he WAS!!!

Monica said...

You are very handsome in that chamois shirt. Since I live with three boys, I am familiar with chamois, but my mommy keeps dressing my in girly clothes, so I haven't got to try it out just yet!
Lily Mei