Thursday, October 11, 2007

Aunt Kerry's sweater and the Baba pants

Wednesday it was finally cool enough that I decided Acer could wear a sweater to school. Aunt Kerry the ever talented, knitted this lovely hoodie sweater for the little man, she calls it a wallaby. I've been waiting for an opportunity to have him wear it for ages. Then, lo and behold, in the drawer of Acer's pants I discovered someone had given us these lovely cords. (Acer loved it, he calls cords 'Baba Pants" because Bill wears cords whenever he can, even in 90 degree weather.) I couldn't believe I had such a lovely outfit and so great to wear to school


Sharon Flath said...

I love that outfit! Where can I get one?? Do you have any matching daddy/ son sweaters? I always tried for Christmas but we were in So CAl and it always got too hot!

Heather said...

Sorry Sharon, Aunt Kerry knitted that cool as heck sweater for Acer herself. I'm not sure where the cords came from, I just know I didn't buy them myself.
I do have some outfits in mind for them later this year, I'll have to take a picture when they happen.
Yes, Bill usually wears them, he just sighs first.