Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas in a new bed

We asked for and received a new bed from Ikea this year for Christmas from Bill's parents. I love it. It has 4 drawers underneath and is just a simple pine frame, but it is lovely and doesn't creak, holds up our mattress well because the slats aren't all broken and moved around funky and is a really good height to go against the garden seat I use as a head board. Our old bed was mine from when I lived in WA, o' those many years ago and it had not aged well at all.

(Pictures here later)

We actually got it Friday night after Acer's birthday dinner and Bill and his friend Will assembled it on Saturday. Aside from the wierd positions that sleeping with a sinus infection makes me sleep in, I find this to be an extremely comfortable bed.


Beverly said...

Cool a new bed. I have and love my platform bed but it doesn't have drawers under it.


Sharon said...

Hope you feel better soon! Cool dream! Those always freak me out, like is it prophesy or something!!??!Thank goodness they turn out to be mostly not. But then with the good ones its a bummer