Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Well, Acer is not too happy with the latest haircut. I cut the back of his hair up to the level of his shortest layer of hair, which meant - I had to shave the back of his neck up. He keeps feeling it and saying fuzzy.

I thought he would like it because he loved it when Bill's hair was short and fuzzy like that. Oh well. I also keep trying to even it out, but everytime we've washed it or combed it out, it gets uneven again because his hair has moved. I've decide to stop trying to even it out before I'm left with a boy who only has a topknot of hair left. While this is a very traditional Chinese haircut, it's just not what I was hoping the little man's hair would look like.


Sharon said...

Where is the picture of this haircut, missy!?? It sounds cute, just like a little big boy. I loved the message you left on my blog. I'll bet you three were precious friends! How do you like this picture I finally figured out how to put up?? Beverly told me what to do, but I swear, that "Browse" option was NOT there before!!ha

Heather said...

I don't know how to put up pictures, I have to have Bill add them. I don't know how to put up a picture with my comments either - could you forward that info to me?
Heather BT
PS, Wow you were fast to catch these comments, just minutes after I left them!

Beverly said...

Such cute Acer stories. The nativity from my house is a no brand from the dollar store last year. It was someone's white elephant gift given over and over to the fact that the battery section was starting to corrode. It really is a cheap plastic toy but probably any dollar store would have one.