Saturday, December 08, 2007

Drawer Organization

I have an unusual personality in many ways (if you couldn't guess), this is just one of them; I love to organize but don't really like to keep them that way. I have made an exception in the case of Acer's clothes, I keep re-organizing them so frequently that I surprised Bill can find clothing to dress him in on the days I work. Here're pictures of my most recent efforts.

I've sorted his shirts by color and length of sleeve, and then turned them up on end so I don't have to sort through stacks to get the shirts I want. Then I can just re-file them into their correct spot after they come out of the wash.

Here is Acer's pants drawer; all his pants seemed to be different lengths and I just wasn't able to stack them or to get into any sort of a system, until now! I roll them up and make lines of jeans, cords, overalls etc. All neat and clean and easy to find Yeah! (okay, little things like this really do amuse me)


Monica said...

OH my gosh! Can you come to my house? I have enough unorganized drawers to keep you busy for days!

Heather said...

Sorry Monica,
I don't have all my drawers this organized all the time, I just seem to be obsessed with Acer's drawers. I do color coordinate our closets too though!
Heather BT

Ang :o) said...

oh those drawers are brilliant! i do the same thing with Flower's drawers and within days I'm not happy with the system anymore.(could be because she now feels the need to pull everything out on a daily bases!) but i love the idea of turning them on end! thanks for giving me a saturday project! :)