Thursday, December 27, 2007

less than stellar

Well, after the good start to the 24th, I worked too hard and exhausted myself. Because I was exhausted, my stooopid sinus infection has spread to my ears and down my face into my teeth and I wasn't up for anything except sleeping on the 25th. I missed Christmas dinner at my in-laws, (thought about calling & sending my regrets but forgot to, thus seriously irking my MIL), and more importantly, missed Acer's first Christmas. Bill, Mum and Acer went, but Bill forgot to take any pictures. Sigh.
Acer doesn't really understand this Christmas thing. Combined with his Birthday, he's been getting gifts for days now. He is getting better at unwrapping them though. He rips and then hands you the paper and goes back for another rip. After every single chunk of paper, big or small, you have to say "Thank you for the paper", if not, he reminds you by saying it for you.

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Monica said...

Dear Acer,
I know what you mean. My mommy said she got her present in June. I thought Christmas was in December. Do you think there are 2 Christmases?? That would be great!
I hope your mommy is feeling better.
Lily Mei