Sunday, December 16, 2007

Now that's really a Michigan snow

This morning when I went to let the dogs out, I actually moved snow with the door. It snowed last night, enough to reach past the bottom of our door thresholds. Finally we have a decent amount of snow!
It's 11:30 and my two favorite Y chromosome carriers are out in the snow. Bill is shovelling and Acer is "Helping". I can see Acer's mouth is constantly in motion, which means he is telling Bill about all sorts of important things, like "Momma said no light bulbs in the mouth" or Grannie Pat says "Eca scuse me!" or "Bananas in the shopping cart, Boom!"

The snow just from our sidewalk and driveway is halfway up Acer's thighs and every now and then I see Bill pick Acer up and toss him in the snowbank, to Acer's obvious delight. I've taken pictures, through the window, so there are funny smudges because of the snow on the window and the flash.


Diggins Family said...

We had a good amount of snow here. Ellie loved it. One of the many joys of being parents.

Bill, Aleda and Ellie Diggins

Monica said...

Oh build a snowman for Lily and me...I want snow, too...well, at least today it's not 70 degrees outside! We're down to 40 and clouds.....come on snow!