Monday, April 28, 2008

Acer's First cane

Today Acer brought home his first mobility cane from school. We've been waiting for the right sized one to get in, the one she thought he'd need was too short because he's too fast. He needs a longer one to give him better reaction time. We're one step closer to having a less bruised child! He just enjoys running so much, that he's always running into things. Hurrah Cane!

Okay, so a less bruised child only happens if all around him do not run him into things accidentally. Tonight, one was added riight in the middle of his forehead. Not exactly sure of the details, but a graham cracker and an all better kiss later, he was fine.


joey said...

God brings wonderful people into our lives, Heather. Thank you for being one of them. I know I can learn much (besides horticulture and 'artful' artificial Christmas trees) about life from you. *BIG HUGS*

Beverly said...

very cool. sorry to hear of the bruise but as a boy shouldn't he be expected to get bruises? Poor Glenys is going to have knees like her mom, scarred from all the falls!!