Monday, April 21, 2008


I know we've talked about stepping out on faith on our quest for Little Miss. How we're trusting for God to provide what we need so we can bring her home. I'm not sure what I expected, a magic 20K check in the mail maybe. What God is providing is Manna. What we need, when we need it and no extra. For example, we sent out a check to cover our I-600A costs, we had donations and I'd sold enough bookmarks to cover all but $100. That weekend, one of the guys in our D&D group gave us a check for our efforts in that same amount. Manna.
I've had people selling bookmarks for me, one of Acer's teacher's. my Mandarin teacher and friend, and another friend. Together they've sold 18, but have brought in money for 32. Manna.
Today we found out that the knitting group, that meets at the Library Bill works at and Bill's Boss is a member of, is doing something special for us. They have a booth at the upcoming Library Parking lot sale, they're knitting stuff for sale to help bring her home and they want us to sell our bookmarks out of the booth. Manna
Just like Moses in the desert, we get what we need. Manna


Chad and Kristy said...

I know what you mean. When were broke when it was time to send out the I-600A and I was in tears thinking how are we going to pay for this and the very same day my husband came home and said he picked up a side job painting some rooms for his boss and it paid the exact amount we needed. God is good!

Kristy G.
CHI family member

Anonymous said...

Hey Maynard, I think that is one of the best articles you have written. GOD is good, all the time. All the time GOD is good. Most sincerely, James

Sharon said...

That is so cool Heather! Thank you for sharing you little miracles. I needed to hear that today!! And i am so happy for you!