Saturday, April 05, 2008

Full for a short time

Bill and Acer picked up Cousin Brandon and then picked up Alex. They made it home by three, and we have to have Brandon back by 11:00 or he turns into a pumpkin. I was home from work by six and Bill was cooking pork loin marinated in maple syrup and Italian dressing. Sounds wierd, but it's really good with chicken and pork.
After, we went to our favorite custard place, Erma's, with Mum; James met us at home for his bowl of wonderfulness.
Alex and Brandon are down playing on the PS2, Bill and James are working on James' computer and I will actually be going to be early, I may even beat Acer to sleep tonight. He's in bed, later than normal and very upset about it. He usually falls a sleep faster if he's upset though - so maybe he will beat me to sleep after all.

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Sharon said...

HI! Great about house quests! I actually thoguth of YOu when we picked up that element!! It looks like a Heather kindacar!!