Friday, April 04, 2008

Can't fill the house if you have a leak...

in a tire. Dern those potholes! For the first time ever, and while driving Mum's car, I got a flat on a pothole. We'd just filled up Mum's car with gas and were happily cruising down the road when BAMMMM and then wobble wobble. Thankfully, the tow truck came from less than 4 miles away and my good friend Vicki was at home, also about 4 miles away. They arrived about the same time, and Acer and I went off in Vicki's car. We made sure Mum's spare was on properly, thank you Mr Tow Truck Guy, and that Mum had directions to the closest tire store.
Vicki took off with the the two of us, so we could try to get into the beater (poor Mini van was going to get the work out anyway). Before we could get home though, Alex called. I thought Bill had gotten a hold of her and she was calling about our being late. Nope, They were actually cancelling pick up tonight because her Grandmother was in the Hospital and they didn't know what was wrong.
So, unless something happens relaly fast in the hospital, which it rarely does, we won't be picking up Alex at all tonight.
Hoping for Tomorrow. We miss our Alex!
Oh yes, Alex had a job interview last week and made it! She'll be working at her favorite camp this summer and we're so proud of her. This camp has been great for her, she's made friends and really learned to apprciate, care for and ride horses. Way to go Alex!

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