Thursday, September 25, 2008

Brief bit about Chunbin from her foster home

just to tell you that ChunBin is amazing, we had people from Scotland that came to record the kids and they recorded Chunbin on the climbing wall ( she was safe ) she did amazing, she was so strong, and kept climbing until the top. She is a sunshine....
You can see the new video we made , where Chunbin is quite often on it at the Bethel website.


Heather's note, Calliandra/Chunbin is the one saying 'Welcome to Bethel' at the very begining; then she's in braids with red puffs during the next singing bit. Now let's play - Where's Little Miss; leave me a comment and tell me one new place you see her. Don't tell me all, because then others won't have any to comment on.
Also, Bethel is a cause you can join on Facebook, let your friends know about this great place!


Beverly said...

that was wonderful!!

Golden To Silver Val said...

The video is beautiful! I am praying that she will be with you very soon. (p.s. I love your new look on your site...very homey and comfy looking.)

The Princess's Mommy said...

I LOVE the new blog background!! You are getting good! So glad you got such a great report on Little Miss! Can't wait to see her and Acer together!

Love ya,

Krishna said...

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