Saturday, September 13, 2008

Little Miss's ever shorter hair!

In the few months that we've been talking, Calliandra's hair has been getting shorter and shorter. Here I've ever been practicing with a Barbie Head doll so I could do cool straight hair things and now, it's getting so short I don't know what there will be left for me to braid. Oh well, she's just so dern cute whatever length her hair is. These are snapshots taken during some of our Skype conversations.

And, A Big HUGE whew of relief. Last week our agency said that they WERE allowed to turn in our dossier and we don't have to switch. Thank you all for your prayers. While I never doubted the other agency's competency, I knew that CHI had dealt with Bethel before and would let us go there to pick her up and to meet her existing 'family'. This is good for closure and also for us to understand her life before us.
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Amy said...

I think she is ADORABLE with short hair! I love all of the pictures!!

Julie said...

Great news and her hair is darling! Alana's was very short as well when we picked her up. She went through a Dora stage where she insisted she didn't want long hair. Now that she's started kindergarten she wants long hair like the other girls. So, maybe she'll actually have some long hair to play with someday.

Lois O'Brien said...

She is just beautiful! I am so glad that things are working out for you. I am praying regularly that you will be able to bring Little Miss home soon.


cc said...

Oh Heather, she is so beautiful! I can't wait until you are all united. I love that you guys can talk on Skype and see each other!