Saturday, September 13, 2008

The front Flower garden

Here's Acer next to my Hardy Hibiscus, Fireball. It's hardy throughout Michigan and can take it wet, even boggy wet.
Acer and my double daylilies
Acer and Plume Poppy leaves, Maclaya, smaller and more cut, and my Sea Kale leaves, Crambe, almost as large as his body.

Acer, Plume Poppy, and Herbstonne Rudbeckia

All my perennial plants in the front garden have to reach at least 4' tall. The Plume Poppy and Herbstonne reach at least 8'. On the other hand, my japanese maples and my evergreens are all dwarf ones, growing only an inch or so a year. I do like the unusual!
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