Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A day of firsts, first day of school by himself, first bus ride

Today we all rolled out of bed extra early to make sure Acer was ready for school in time.  Yes, this night owl set of parents were up at 6 AM to get Acer fed, cleaned and dressed by 7:30.  Acer's morning routine is a mix of the both of us, I get up and do what I need to do and leave, Bill gets up and putters around for a while and then gets ready.  Acer gets up and gets down to business, it's just that he does it so slowly that it takes at least half an hour to eat half a cup of cereal.

So we were ready extremely early, 7:30 was no problem; the down side was that the bus which we'd originally been told was to arrive at 7:30 and then been told 7:45, didn't actually arrive until just after 8:00.  He's supposed to start school at 8:30 and it takes me 35 minutes in non rush hour traffic to get there.  Add in the fact that there were three middle school kids on the bus, all being dropped off at a different school along the way, means he arrived VERY late.  Oh well, it'll get straightened out soon enough.  The bus driver actually asked if he talked.  I sort of laughed and replied 'Lord yes, '  because the little man is not known for his silence!

Acer wanted Bill to hold him while we waited and then agreed that he was 'worried' about school, which translated into needing more holding time to reassure him.  We told him he was going to have a good day (we know how many toys are in that room, and playing is how little ones learn)

When the bus pulled up to drop him off, it was a different number than the bus number I'd been given.  I'm not sure what happened to that original bus, but he came home alright on the other, sleeping while belted into place.  Yes, the excitement of the day, plus playing on the 'curly' slide at school wore the little guy right out and he slept.  Interestingly enough he said HE took the teacher to the slide.  Not sure how his brain worked that out.  The teacher wrote a note and said he'd had a good day and that they'd worked on a calendar and he'd enjoyed feeling the dots.

Now, he's down for a nap, stomach filled with lovely grilled cheese bagel, happy with the thought of going outside to play after nap.  In the world of the Little Man, life is Good!

Bill will add pictures later


Beverly said...

great news on the good day.

TheDideonGang said...

Sounds like he had a great day and think of all the things he will be able to teach his sister when she finally makes her entrance.

Vive...rie...ama said...

Too cute!!! And he fell asleep on the bus after a looong, fun day!!! I bet he loved it. I am so excited for him:).