Sunday, August 31, 2008

Extra prayers needed now please

Due to the confusion surrounding switching agencies, caused by China's decision not to accept dossiers from non-Hague accredited agencies, and the earlier decision not to allow people to switch agencies, we're now in a sort of limbo.  I believe we'll be sort of a test case, but our PA to adopt Little Miss has now expired.  Also, most of the China Center for Adoption Affairs (CCAA) has been on vacation this month because of the Olympics thus adding to the confusion and slowing answers down.  
I'm not sure what's really going on, we're just still waiting for our final piece of paperwork.  I just pray once we get it that China accepts it.  I cannot believe that God would bring us this far, allow us to fund raise so much money, and then have us lose our child.  So, keep us in your prayers, that everything goes smoothly, according to His will.


The Princess's Mommy said...

Praying and praying...


Tina said...

I'm praying everything gets worked out soon. Please keep us informed.

Anonymous said...


I am praying all goes well with you. I cannot believe you would get thise close and lose her. Miracles do happen - I brought home my two girls from Bethel, and everyone knows you can't adopt unrelated children. It required special permission from the head of the CCAA but it happened. Your adoption of C will happen too. My girls only call her by her American name now -:) Rosanna is thrilled that she and C both have flower names!


Jean said...

Heather, I will be praying for this whole ordeal to be over soon and for Little Miss to be home with you safe and sound!