Friday, August 15, 2008

Good News and catch up part 3

Hurrah, Hooray, Yeah!
Our Dossier went to the agency today!
Yes, Six months after we started this process, our dossier has been sent to CHI, for them to send on to Holt.

Now, on to the update. We made it to two concerts this summer, both free concerts of the Detroit symphony sponsored by Target. We arrived very early for the first concert, at Stoney Creek Metropark, with the idea that Acer would enjoy playing in the lake until the concert started. That would have worked really well except it was cold and sporadically rainy. Mum went too, with her good friend Mrs Poirier. They sat in lawn chairs and donned their rain ponchos as needed. We visited them several times and Acer amused people nearby by singing 'Animal crackers in my Suit!'.
Acer was slightly disappointed that his first concert was not going to include Tony Royster Junior, his favorite youtube drummer. I guess since he always hears Tony playing in concerts, he thought all concerts were Tony concerts. Acer also scored his first concert Tee, as there was a packing error and he needed a dry shirt!

We went to the concert again the next weekend, this time at MetroBeach MetroPark, The weather was better and we went with good friends Beq from my work and Mark, Kristen and Kiera, our local friends in adoption. it was really nice to be there with others and the weather made it especially nice. The funny thing was, when we called to tell Mark and Kristen where we were, it turned out they were just a couple cars behind us. We were able to arrive and park right next to each other even though we started at different points at different times. 

One of the best parts of these concerts, aside from the free except for admission, is that Target gives out good free stuff each year. this year - Lovely Lunch bags! I'm set for years as every one in our family got one and I'm the only one who use it. Okay maybe Little Miss will use it too, I'll share gladly.

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Tina said...

YEA for DTC!! Congratulations, I know you're glad that step is now complete. Acer is precious, love the pictures- it looks like you had a great day.
Praying everything moves quickly,