Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A funny moment shared half a world apart

Calliandra and I have started a tradition, we sing songs to each other at the end of our call.  I sing, she sings back and this continues for a while until we decide it's time to say good bye.
So, last Thursday night I taught her the church song from my childhood that goes, ' Allelu, allelu, allelu, allelujah, praise ye the Lord'.  She learned it very quickly and each of us took a part, either the allelu's or the praises.  Then I introduced her to the concept that when you sang your part, you stood up and sat back down when the other sang their part.
And that's how we ended, both of us singing away and bouncing up and down in and out of our seats.  
It felt really good to laugh with her in our moment of joy and song.


Amy said...

Oh you are so blessed!!! I think your transition is going to be so much easier because of these calls.

Sharon said...

You are so so lucky!! I wish I could have had that duruing my wait. i am so glad for you@!!! I am leaving you an award!

Beverly said...

it is so neat that you are able to make and share memories with her now. beautiful moments for sure.

Tina said...

Oh how precious!! I am so glad you get to share these moments. Praise Him!!!