Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fundraising and one part update

Thanks to Tammy and her Avon fundraiser and Monica's basket fundraiser, we've added another $70 to bring our total up over the one third mark. Hurrah!
Visit the sites on the sidebar to see what we're talking about.

On to news have to catch up on,
My best friend Jen was in town to visit before heading on to a two week event. Jen was here alone this trip, Dh and DD are back in NM. It was great to see her, she hadn't met Acer before and got some great one on one time with him. She also bought him a new marching drum and cymbal set, he loves it and plays with it constantly. We spent one day with her alone and then one day she, her mom Betty, and sister Becky joined with us for picnic KFC at a park with our other good friends Allen & DeeDee who, with their three kids, were in from Spain.

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