Friday, August 01, 2008

LOOONG talk with Little Miss

Last Night Little Miss and I talked for Three hours!

I learned a lot about her, including that she likes fritos and made french toast this week.
She'd gotten the package we'd sent and was wearing the sundress we'd gotten her.  The stuffed toy was a HUGE hit among her peers, I think we spent about 10 minutes talking about the monkey and its sounds and smells even.
But, The most important thing, as we were signing off, she said 'I love you'.  We've always said it to her, but the was the first time she said it back.  (Very happy, sniff sniffle)

I've got to post more about our busy past couple weeks, but I need to get on the road - to continue with more busyness!


The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh I'm so glad you got to talk to her!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

ps-Glad you found your keys!!

tiffany said...

Wow, that is so amazing that you are getting to have these talks and start the bonding process already.

Beverly said...

How wonderful. Makes me tear with happiness!!

Sharon said...

Thats is so great you get to talk and hear I love you!!!! Heather!! So sweet!!! So happy for you!

Vive...rie...ama said...

Wow, what an awesome feeling! (tears in my eyes). I am so excited for you! How did I miss this post? What a phenomenal opportunity to meet her before traveling! With all the newness and changes of everything at least she has the beginning of a relationship with you!!! I am so happy for you and for her!!!:) I love that she loves the monkey- we sent Tonito a little monkey as well (he was born in the year of the monkey) and he loves it and sucks on its tail to get to sleep!!!