Monday, July 28, 2008

Blessings from a friend

Monica was the very first friend I made in blogland.  We've encouraged each other, celebrated each other's joys and triumphs and cried with joy with the first posted pictures of the other's adopted child actually in MaMa's arms.  We've sent up prayers for each other and helped through the fretful time of waiting and the various parts of life that make up family life.  Monica was actually the second person I left a phone message with after we heard that our agency had succeeded on getting Little Miss's paperwork for us.
Monica has started a new blog where she is selling her Longaberger baskets to raise money for Little Miss,  Chinese Starfish foster home and Love Without Boundaries .  The link to her new blog is at the top of the side bar and the other two are linked lower down on the sidebar.  I've always been blessed to know her, and now she's blessing us with these sales.
Thanks Monica!


Sharon said...

That is so wonderful!! Monica was my first blog buddy too! We had kids the same ages in common/ You and Beverly were my second.

I don't beleive she didn't tell me about this! I 'm going over there right now!!
Blessings on you!!!!

The Princess's Mommy said...

Well, I'm trying to stay busy and be productive at the same time! Hope it works!

Denise C said...

YOu are so right Heather...MOnica is such a precious person! I am blessed so deeply by her friendship!!!
What a thoughtful gesture for her to help you this way!
Thank you for your sweet comments about my Mama's b-day!
She reads my blog....and will really appreciate your sweet wishes!

Tina said...

Don't you just love Monica? I don't know what I'd do without her!
Hope you're doing ok today- I'm praying for some good news.