Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hey Lady!

Yes, That's what was yelled at me this morning, as I walked along a busy street looking in closed stores and waited for the business I wanted to enter to open. I had planned a leisurely 20 minute stroll, just checking things out and then looping back through a park, with just enough time to land back in front of our insurance agent's as she opened.
Instead a balding white haired 70-75 year old man in a truck, stops in the middle of the business driveway he's exiting and bellows out the passenger window.
"Hey Lady! how far are you going?"
"I'm just walking to kill some time"
I continued to walk around the back of his vehicle, when I get back even to the window, he stuck his head out and yelled,
"It's going to rain today you know!"

Now I'm not sure if it was my tie dyed, peace sign on front and Peace, Love, Crabs on the back T-shirt or my 'lovely' super wild, post physical therapy hair which drew his interest (?) chivalrous offer (?) but I certainly wasn't going to take him up on it!

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Amy said...

You just look so hot now that you are losing weight!