Friday, July 18, 2008

Another conversation with Little Miss

Last night we had another conversation with Little Miss. Unfortunately, Bill was fighting a stomach flu and went to bed and missed a lot of it. She seems to be getting less shy, but also seems to like to just sit there and listen to us (me) talk. Acer joined me for the first little bit and as is normal, he was talking, and talking. Sarah asked how old he was and how long he'd been in the country and then noted that he talked a LOT. It's normal for him, but not for others I guess. She has many kids to compare him to so, I guess she has a better idea of normal than I do. Little Miss said piano was really the only instrument she was interested in learning right now, and isn't sure if she'd want to learn any sports or take dance lessons. She said she really just wanted to stay home. I think she'll still get judo lessons, along with her piano lessons, but I don't think I'll be signing her up for too many other classes, just yet. I think she's wise actually, she can stay home and enjoy her family, and then we we are less of a novelty, more everyday, I can send her to more classes.
I am going to send her to judo almost as soon as we get home though. She's so beautiful and so small that I want her to have some self-defence skills.  There have been blind Judo champions, so that's the way I chose to go.
I'm so used to Acer's constant stream of verbage that I just listen, respond and encourage with out even thinking about it too much any more. I pay attention to what he says, but not the fact that there is a constant stream of syllables coming out of his mouth.

Sarah, American Nurse working in the Foster home, lends Little Miss emotional support during these meetings (the stress of communication with new strange people who call themselves your parents must be enormous)


Beverly said...

That is so neat you are able to talk on the phone with her. How much longer?

Bryan said...

Little Miss is very wise!!! She will love just being home with her brother and mommy and daddy! How fun! I love that y'all are already bonding with her! And to have Sarah there to help her through! What a blessing!

Praying your paperwork is going quickly!!!

Jodi Sue :)

Jean said...

What a blessing to be able to hear your daughter's sweet voice!

Have a great weekend!