Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Acer grows!

Yes, despite our thinking he would be the same height forever he has actually grown since he's been home. He's still basically in the same size, although some pants are getting short in the leg, yes, he still fits 2T's in most things. He wears a lot of different sizes in shirts, but he needs the smaller pants for his tiny butte self. Think if he grows any more though, he won't be able to fit the 2T's and will have to start living life wearing a belt. We don't let him sag, or plumber as we call it, if we can help it.
Here are our measurements over the last year.
5/25/07 35"
1/27/08 36.5"
7/15/08 38"

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Sharon said...

You are so cute how you write that up and you better watch out or you might have visitors on your porch! haha. It sound beautiful up there! Can you camp or is it cold?

Bailey has no butt either, it is so adorable! When can you post pics of little Misss or did I miss it?

Now I'm off to read a few more of your posts, I am so behind!!