Monday, July 07, 2008

A few random things I've forgotten to post

The Thursday I brought HiHo, the new car home, I went to VBS in the evening. When we were out in the church parking lot after, God blessed us with the only triple rainbow I've ever seen. I like to think God was letting me know that he'd bless HiHo like he blessed The Beater.

We searched the maker and serial number of our piano and estimate it at 100 years old. The youngest it could be is 96 and the oldest 106. I love our new piano.

While we were out eating Saturday night, a song came on and the waitresses all danced choreographed moves to the well known song, including stomping and yelling. Acer loved it. He loved it so much Bill almost fell out of the booth laughing as he listened to Acer singing 'Oh, oh, oh, oh stay in a line' (stayin' alive)

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Jean said...

What a neat fact to find out about your piano. I sure miss ours. It is also a very old one. It is an upright piano and on the inside of the lid it is signed that it was tuned in 1909. It came from my great-aunt's church. My parents moved it 2 hours by car to their house in NW Ohio. My husband moved it 3 hours to our house when we lived in NE Ohio. Then it took a semi to Nevada where we lived for 3 years. Now that we live on Guam it is in storage in Nevada. I sure hope sometime in the next couple of years we can have it in our home again. I bet Acer loves your piano and Little Miss will too!