Saturday, August 16, 2008

The clothing line

These next few posts after this one are going to be vote for your favorite type posts.  We'll be posting pictures and would like people to comment on their favorite out of that particular grouping of clothes.  Now, she won't really have all of these to wear at once, as I've been buying lots of different sizes just because we weren't too sure what size she is, or will be once she gets home.  Currently, she fits perfectly into the size fives we sent over, the size six dress was just a shade big. We just got a batch of pictures of her getting our box of stuff and trying it all on.  The stuffed Monkey was a HUGE hit.  I think she talked about it for a good ten minutes, and is a favorite among her friends.


Amy said...

You are so blessed to have such good contact with her!!! She is such a cute girl! It won't be long now!!!

Beverly said...

Oh my she is adorable. I am so glad you guys can make these types of connections with her. You guys truly are the lucky ones!!

Jean said...

Little Miss looks adorable in all her new clothes. How wonderful that you are able to stay in contact with her during your wait!

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer.


Sharon said...

She is just so preciosu!! and you are so cute how excited you are to dress her and every thing about having her home in general. Congrats on the new swing too!!!!

Sharon said...

I had to go and look at her one more time, even though I have these shots in my files! haha

I am so happy for you heather!!!!