Thursday, August 28, 2008

Busing blues

As we approach the start of Acer's first year of pre-school, I came to the realization that none of the empty buses practicing their routes I saw were going down our street.  This was very concerning because he needs to take the bus to school.  I also received a letter saying that he was enrolled in SECOND GRADE (lol) so I called his school and talked with the principal.  
Thus started my 12 phone call, five day saga to make sure he had a bus to ride in.  I made phone calls to the district he's attending, the district we live in and the county wide special needs district.  Then I asked if he needed a booster, this gave the head of our district, who will be busing him, pause.  After telling her that he was just a little guy, 38" and 34 pounds, she agreed he needed a booster and agreed to get him one even though 'It isn't on his IEP'  Errgh, I just told her it wasn't surprising because there was no one there from the district, just from the other two districts!
Today we're going to an ice cream social - meet the teacher event at his school.  I'm hoping the excitement of going to school will help him be a little less grumpy in the morning as we get up early to practice our before school routine.  He naturally wakes up about 8 AM and he'll have to be clean, fed, clothed and in front of the house by 7:30!


Beverly said...

school!!! ARGH!! He is just a baby. He will have a good time though.

Beverly said...

email me with your e-mail because I
can't find your e-mail right now.

The Princess's Mommy said...

WOW! What a big boy...riding the bus and going to school!! Way to go, Acer!


Megan and Ava said...

Let us know how Acer's first days of pre-school go! Ava loves pre-school and this is a big deal, because she was SO shy and scared at first. Is Acer attending a School for Blind Children or just a local preschool?
I can't believe you had so much trouble getting a bus! :( Why do simple things have to be made so difficult by school districts?
Acer, have fun on your first day!