Thursday, August 14, 2008

Part two update

Our friends Allen, DeeDee and their three children were in town and we were able to spend a really long day with them. Allen and I have been friends so long we don't remember meeting, but it was at church in Sunday school. We've added spouses and children through the years, still remained friends, and it was good to be able to get almost everyone in the same place at the same time. Unfortunately, Bill was working and wasn't able to be there. 

Their kids have grown so much from the first days when they, the twins, finally came home from the hospital. Their older boy Josiah has sprouted up so much too. It's hard to picture them being as small as we remembered. In my front yard I have three dwarf cypress planted for them, the Phoebe, Thomas and Josiah plants. 

We started out the day by filling up the HiHo Van with their family of five and Acer and Myself. we stopped at KFC for some instant picnic food and then headed to the local park for some tire the kids out fun. Jeni, Betty and Becky met us at the park and we had a good time catching up with everyone.

Afterwards, we headed to our house for some fun in the pool. Four kids and three adults, our pool usually only has Acer and a parent. It felt good to have it full of activity and sounds (and splashing). 

They left that evening to attend a concert we'd attended the weekend before, Target sponsors the Detroit Symphony to play in our local Metroparks (larger than county parks and smaller than state parks, I think Metroparks are in about 5 counties here). It was so great to see them and to spend such a busy and fun day with them. Wish they were in town more frequently than every four years or so. Sigh.


Barrington said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time with your friends!! That is one of life's great gifts!! I think you are so clever to have thought of pearl Bailey! How do yo remermber all that!! What was the name of that show,.like laugh in or something?
Dew for Breakfast!?!? Naughty girl, you must not like coffee! haha

Barrington said...

See m y son was on muy computer! Its me sharon!!

Sharon said...