Saturday, August 16, 2008

We're swinging now!

Tonight we added a large new feature to our back yard, a wooden swing set from our wonderful next door neighbor Linda.  This was their swing set, very sturdy, but her daughter's now 11 and too old for it.  She didn't wanted to give it up 'til now because she had memories of her father pushing her on it (before his sudden death.)  

This is a good thing, Acer and Little Miss will have swings and a larger slide to play on and Linda's daughter will still be able to see it, remember, and see more happy memories being made on it.

We didn't get it set up until way past his bedtime, but let him stay up and do some sliding.  He was so excited.  Big thanks to Linda and Daughter, Uncle James, Cousin Brandon, and BaBa's friend Will for helping to make this happen.  

It was too dark to take pictures, so we'll post some when we can take some.

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March 2007 adoptive mom said...

Just poppin by to say hi! Glad to hear everything is moving forward in your second adoption. :)