Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sharon's Award to me - Arte Y Pico Award

I want to thank Sharon for awarding me this, I'm not sure I deserve it as it appears to be about pictures and art and design, but I appreciate it. As this is the first time in 22 months that I've changed my background and I've just learned how to post pictures, I will take the award in the spirit of friendship and encouragement for me to do better.
So now, I'm supposed to award it to five others so I've chosen my five best picture takers or blog designers
Here are my choices:
Joey at The Village Voice not only takes great pictures, makes great collages of said pictures, she also adds quotes and RECIPES of lovely food.
Ang of My Life is My Playground has a funky blog with a great pictures. I love her sense of humor and her stories of her life.
Rob at China Wheelie is taking a break from traveling China on a recumbent trike. This blog is worth the read for the pictures he takes and his take on the small town cultures of different areas of China.
Tiffany at Bamboo Sprouts takes many pictures of her three great kids in her effort to get just the right one. I appreciate all the effort, as I just don't seem to have the talent to capture Acer's mood as she does her kids' moods.
Amy over at Catching Butterflies Two She is always keeping her blog design fresh and lovely. I like her writing style and her posts, but this is an artistic type award and she doesn't let you get bored looking at the same background. She adds cool quotes, movies, and keeps her blog looking sharp!
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tiffany said...

Thank you Heather! :)

joey said...

Dear Heather ... I am late to thank you properly for this award. Have been in and out of town (that's why you never see Mike and I for a BIG Hug) handling issues both home and back here at the lake for my sister, Nancy. You dear one deserve the award. You are ever near in thoughts and prayers. (I MUST come in not only for a hug but to buy bulbs ... my garden calls). Blessings for all that you do.