Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kayla's First Birthday party

This was the First birthday party for our camping friend Kayla. It was at a local water park and Acer had a really good time, climbing all over everything, running through the sprinklers and playing drums with a couple yogurt cups. Acer is by no means the poster child for blind children, but Kayla's extended family now have a better idea of Kayla's potential. Some didn't even realize he was blind, I think this let them realize that she'll be a normal child, just one who can take out her eyes and hold them in her hand if she wants to! (no, Acer can't do that, he doesn't have any sort of artificial eyes but all the others in our camping group do).

We first met Kayla before Easter, when she and her two grandmothers were at the State Police Bomb Squad ticking egg presentation. She got the cutest onsie from them.

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