Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 2 waiting for TA

Acer and I trekked over to Aunt Kerry's to work on a project. Acer, Oliver and Lucy hung out, each enamored with each others' toys. Ah, the joy of novelty.
Kerry is an excellent Sister-In-law, we work well together, brain storming and coming up with nifty ideas. We've thrown more than one really cool shower together. I won't say that it's my wacky ideas and Kerry's talent because that's not quite right, but our styles complement each others and she definitely is more talented.
In this case, I had an idea, searched up a pattern on the internet and asked Kerry if it could be done. Kerry, accomplished seamstress that she is, said yes. Then she told me how much fabric to buy, and even where it was on Sale! You go Kerry!
Our Project - fleece cloaks/capes with hoods. A very simple design, basically one long piece of fabric cut up the front with a hood attached. Kerry will assemble them and serge around them in a contrasting color. Mine, charcoal blue and iridescent thread; Alex's, royal blue with orange (her school colors) and Calliandra's, pink edged with white. These will be our multi purpose travel garmets for Alexandra, Calliandra and myself. While on the plane they can be used as blankets, the front pieces can be rolled up for neck roll pillows and the hood could be slipped over the face for snoozing (don't think that'll happen, it'd be weird, but it might). They'll hold out over light rain, and will be some extra snuggle warmth on the beds.
We were there 'til evening, we walked to their new library, and ate a wonderful dinner before heading home. Acer was asleep before we even left their small town.
The only downside, it takes so long to get there, an hour and a half makes our going and hanging out together a once or twice yearly thing. Maybe when Calliandra comes home she'll be the impetus to go more frequently because then she and Oliver; Acer and Lucy could play together more easily.


joey said...

I'm delighted to hear your beautiful news, dear Heather. Calliandra will want for nothing when you wrap your loving arms around her. As you are for others, please know you have also been a gift for me.

Kristen said...

Hi guys- I was soooo very excited to see your email about the approval! Yay!!!!! Love the new look of your blog too! Great idea with cloaks-very warm and cozy for those chilly moments!
Hugs and talk to you soon,
Kristen, Mark and Kiera

Leah's Mama & Baba said...

Hey Girlfriend,,, our prayer are so there for ya!!!!!!!!!

Even though we are not adopting internationly this time,, at times it this no easier than waiting on China.... Here is to a speedy TA,,CA and travel... Hugs,,, Selina