Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 5 Waiting for TA

What a busy busy day.
We started out the morning with Bill and Acer heading off to Band Practice.  I stayed home as I just couldn't seem to stay awake.
Bill and Acer hit the stores afterwards and then we went straight from there to meet my friend Pete, from St Louis,  to do some shopping and some hanging out.
We started at Nordstrom Rack, went to my work, and then to a flame broiled chicken restaurant.
We went from there to Beq & Carl's where we dropped Bill off to help Beq wih a computer issue. Back to the Nordstrom's parking lot to drop Pete off, and around back to pick Bill up.
We got back home just in time to make sure Acer and Unca James were set up for the evening.  Bill and I headed off to Fireproof Your Marriage.   It was a good study, discussion despite having half the couples missing as they were all at a play.  There were more than a few good points made and I came home with a couple things to mull over and store in my heart.
We had to stop for gas on the way back because of all the running around we had done!
There was peace in the house when we got home, evidently a good time was had by all and Acer was sound asleep.  I guess being on the run all day with little rest will tire a generally tireless Little Man out.


Spring said...

I can comment! Yippee!

And now, for what may be a dumb question: Have you seen the movie Fireproof?

I have a secret wish for a reality show starring Kirk Cameron and his family.

Amy said...

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